The Essential Guide to Assisted Reproduction

The definitive primer on assistant reproduction, Your Future Family provides a foundational knowledge of the entire process, includes essential facts, as well as a list of resources to help you along the way. Kim Bergman’s expertise, and her open, honest approach will inspire confidence to fulfill your dreams of building a family.

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About The Author

Kim Bergman, PhD is a licensed psychologist and co-owner and senior partner of Growing Generations, one of the oldest and largest surrogacy and egg donor agencies in the world. She serves on the corporate board of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and is an emeritus board member for the Family Equality Council.

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About The Book

The Essential Guide to Assisted Reproduction

Third-party reproduction is now easier, more accessible, and more successful than ever before, yet it is still a complex process. Before you start down this path to parenthood, there are important questions to consider such as, “How are sperm, eggs, and embryos screened?”, “How do I find a donor?”, or “What are the legal issues surrounding surrogacy?” Here, psychologist Kim Bergman—an expert in the field and a mother herself through assisted reproduction— provides the answers you need and more.

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“There is no better book to read about assisted reproduction. As a parent who was personally helped by Kim Bergman, I can hear her voice, her expert advice, along with her openness and honesty about the process on every page.”
—Andy Cohen, Host, Executive Producer

“A must read for anyone embarking on the path to parenthood with the help of others.”
–Said Daneshmand, MD, Reproductive Endocrinologist and Infertility Specialist, San Diego Fertility Center